10 maillots de bain de mariée pour le brunch du lendemain

10 maillots de bain de mariée pour le brunch du lendemain

It's quite common to see brides wearing a stylish and comfortable swimsuit to brunch the day after their wedding, especially if the event is near a beach or pool. We found you 10 swimsuits, not necessarily white, to enjoy the sun the day after the evening!

1. A white and pink striped swimsuit with pretty lacing on the front.

Maillot de bain à rayures blanc et rose girls in paris
Girls in Paris


2. A white one-piece swimsuit.


3. A two-piece swimsuit with satin ruffles.

Meryl Switzerland

4. An original white jersey with small puffed sleeves.

Bela Wave

5. A cream swimsuit with textured and embossed material


6. Classic but effective, the white two-piece swimsuit.


7. A white one-piece swimsuit with original straps.

Baobab Swimwear

8. A retro-chic pink one-piece swimsuit.

Girls in Paris

9. A golden and structured swimsuit, ready for the pool party

Baobab Swimwear

10. A swimsuit with chic details for a Brigitte Bardot look

Whichever you choose, how about adding a bridal veil to it? An iconic look you'll remember for a long time..
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