3 façons canons de porter un voile long (cathédrale)

3 façons canons de porter un voile long (cathédrale)

You love the elegance and unparalleled allure long bridal veil, says "cathedral" We too, that's good, we show you three modern and above all hot ways to wear it. 

  • #1 Vintage style, placed on the forehead.
Voile long vintage

    Positioned like a scarf on the forehead and tightened at the back of the head, this is a very original style that we love! Secure the position with bars and you're done. All hairstyles are compatible, although this way of wearing the veil goes extremely well with short and very short hair. The result: a vintage look with character that will surprise many.

    • #2 Romantic way, placed on the top of the head.

    Suitable for all types of hairstyles, this way of wearing the wedding veil brings a poetic and romantic side to your outfit. Held on the top of the head, the accessory is fixed with flat bars. The whole length of the veil, 3 meters for our model Muse, is then highlighted.

    • #3 Classic way, stitched into your hairstyle.
    voile long plumetis

    With the help of invisible bun pins, the veil is fixed, folded two-thirds of the length, above or below a bun or even on a half ponytail.

    Seen from the back and the side, the double length gives volume and draws a superb silhouette. This choice also allows you to fold the veil in front of your face if you wish.

    Whatever your choice, the long bridal veil remains iconic and always has its effect, you will not regret having chosen it!

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