Comment j'ai lancé Ganza

Comment j'ai lancé Ganza

The wedding veil: the ultimate symbol of the bride

For the record, since the summer of 2020 I have (Magalie) attended a dozen weddings. During these wonderful events, I had a real crush on the wedding veil.


For me it's really the touch that sublimates the outfit of the bride. And that goes for D-Day outfits but also for outfits for civil weddings or brunches the next day.


In short, it's really THE symbol of the bride and that's when I decided to start and modernize the wedding veil as well as the image we have of it.

A look back at the beginnings of this entrepreneurial adventure:

June-July 2021 -I survey 300 brides and brides-to-be. I also interview a dozen of them. This is where I learn a lot about the veil and why some of them do not want to wear one or have not worn one.

End of August 2021- I finalize the idea: I want to create a modern brand for brides who break the codes. I want to manufacture in France and I want our products to have a longer useful life than that for which they are intended today (The veil is generally worn only during the religious or solemn ceremony, i.e. 30 45 minutes...))

Moreover when it is not worn it is mainlybecause it is too bulky.

September 2021 - We meet Laurène, seamstress with nimble fingers, the one who will bring our ideas and our veils to life. Laurène works in parallel at Givenchy.


October 2021 to February 2022 - We develop with Laurène the prototypes for each of our ideas. I have our prototypes tested by future brides.

➡️ Our added value will be this collection of short bridal veils, which are forgotten once worn and whose train comes off to be able to reuse the comb on other occasions.

February to June 2022 - We order the fabrics from our French suppliers, we finalize our 9 products and Laurène draws the final patterns. The collection was born🐣


End of June 2022 - We shoot our collection in Marseille and Paris.


July 2022 - We sell our first sails to our first #ganzabride:



September 2022 - Online launch of the e-commerce site

19-20 November 2022 - We participate in our first wedding fair, theYou and Me Festival in Aix-en-Provence. The opportunity for us to meet future brides and superb exhibitors.


December 1, 2022 - Launch ofthe Ulule campaign with the objective of moving from a production to order which is not viable to a production at our partners Lener Cordier, whose factory is located in the north of France.

This is where the adventure continues and I hope to have you by my side!


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