Les coiffures à adopter avec un voile de mariée


You have decided to wear a veil and you were right, this accessory remains in our opinion THE symbol of the bride par excellence, who other than the bride would dare to wear a veil on D-Day?

Let's get back to the important subject, your hairstyle. In this article we offer inspirations for hairstyles to achieve when wearing a wedding veil. As a bonus at the end of this article, discover a tip that completely blew us away!

The veil is worn on detached or at least semi-tied hair, a half tail nicely fixed and voila, the plus is that it works for short and long hair:


We love the scarf version of the veil, tied on a ponytail or a bun for an ultra elegant result! The tail of our sailBroken is perfectly suited for this type of hairstyle.

 Or even mixed with a braid...
A great classic but so elegant is the veil fixed above the bun, it can be low as below or higher. If you choose the second option, the veil can be attached below the bun.

Finally discover the bluffing trick to hold a wedding veil on loose hair that we unearthed on TikTok on the account of@tailoredtulle :

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