L'origine du voile de mariée et quel style choisir ?

L'origine du voile de mariée et quel style choisir ?

The bridal veil is the key element of the bride's look on her wedding day. It's the iconic accessory that finishes off any bridal outfit. But do you know the history and meaning of the wedding veil?

Where does the bridal veil come from??

The bridal veil is aiconic accessory marriage that has been worn for centuries in many cultures around the world. The exact origin of the wedding veil is uncertain, but it is likely that this tradition dates back to ancient times, where the veil was often worn by women as a symbol of their purity and modesty. In some cultures, the veil was also seen as a way to protect the bride from evil spirits and prying eyes.

Nowadays, we are less superstitious and if some of us choose to wear a veil by tradition and/or religious conviction, it is certain that this accessory seduces because it has this power on its own,to make us feel special and beautiful ! Whatever personal meaning one places on the bridal veil, it continues to be an important part of many wedding ceremonies around the world.

The different types of bridal veils

We find everything when looking for a veil. From the simplest model in tulle to the most rockin colour, bridal veils can be short, long, embroidered, fall back or not on the face. They even adorn themselves withpearls, ofsequins and can be personalized with the initials of the two lovers.

When choosing a bridal veil, it's important to consider the length and style of the wedding dress, or whatever outfit you choose to wear to your wedding.

The long sails

In effect the long sails, known as "cathedral", are magnificent and make you say "WOW", however, beware of messing up your hair and potential accidents when someone, other than you, accidentally steps on them! Very often brides who choose a cathedral veil only manage to keep it on for the time of the ceremony.

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The short sails

The short sails can have a slightly less classic and traditional side in the sense that often they cannot be folded down in front of the face. That said, they come to sublimate a wedding outfit with panache. A simple little white dress and a short veil and BOOM it makes sparks. In this article we give you3 reasons to wear a short veil at the town hall.

The advantage withshort sails it's that you forget you're wearing them and you can dance with them all night long. And besides, why would we deprive ourselves of wearing it the day after the wedding during brunch with friends? 

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It's also important to consider your personal style and listen to your desires, because if there is one day when anything goes, it's the big day.

At Ganza, we are proud to offer a selection of bridal veils made in France and of very high quality. We have chosen our fabrics with care and there is something for everyone.

So which veil are you going to fall for? A long or a short one? ?

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