3 raisons de porter un voile de mariée à la mairie

voile mariée court civil mairie

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There are few occasions in a lifetime to wear a bridal veil, so why do without it on your civil wedding day This timeless accessory is, in our opinion, the icing on the cake, so here are 33 reasons to fall for a wedding veil.

#1 It is the symbol of the bride par excellence

Whether you're wearing a suit, a jumpsuit, a dress or even a swimsuit (yes yes!) with a veil, there's no mistaking it, you'll always have a bridal look.


The bridal veil energizes a civilian outfit, often in full fabric with little or no lace or embroidery. There is little chance that the veil will not match your outfit, on the contrary it's a choice that pays off and gives a new dimension to your look.

#2 Easy to put on and space saving


Small and comb-mounted, it is light and easy to put on , you will completely forget his presence in front of Madam or Mr. Mayor. No need for a very sophisticated hairstyle to wear it, a half ponytail or a small fuzzy bun allows you to fix the comb without problem. You may find your happiness among our six models of short veilshere.

#3 Focus on reuse

This bridal veil is suitable for all solemn ceremonies (civil, religious, secular). You are free to reuse it entirely for this occasion.

Other options are available to you, however:

The bridal veil is fixed to the comb thanks to invisible pressures, you can decide to fix another veil, longer for example for a religious ceremony. Finally, the accessory stripped of its veil does not end up hanging in a closet, it becomes a chic accessory for other special occasions.




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